Tape Loop Workshop

24 February 2019

Amulets will be teaching two tape loop workshops for people to learn how to best create a cassette tape loop. While many online guides are available, he will be sharing his insight and wisdom built from years of experimenting with the cassette format. Over the course of the workshop you will learn best practices as to how to reliably build a cassette tape loop, build your own tape loops along with other students, and then share any material you dub onto a tape at thend. These workshops will be small and hands-on, allowing a teaching format that lets everyone who participates have their questions answered.

There will be two separate workshops - one at 1pm and one at 4pm. Both will cover the same materials. Due to the size of Variform, each workshop will have space for 10 people. RSVP only, so please secure your spot before hand. To ensure people are able to fairly reserve their spot, please only reserve for yourself. Email to RSVP.

The cost of the workshop is $20. All materials will be provided, and participants will receive multiple cassettes from the workshop to take home with them. You will pay when you arrive for the workshop.