Kevin Holden

4 April 2019

In contrast to their exploration of volume and dissonance in their performances over the last year, Kevin Holden’s exhibition at Variform combines field recordings, guitar, and digital instrumentation and processing to create quieter, more hypnotic and meditative loops that have evolved from personal experiences over the last several months.

Kevin Holden is a composer and sound artist based in and around Portland, Oregon, exploring volume and the physicality of sound by structuring dissonance, noise, and harmony against each other. They have recently performed, both solo and in collaboration with local artists, at S1 as part of their residency in December of 2018, and at the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art for Subharmonic: A Sonic Arts Symposium. They have recently exhibited sound installations at c3:initiative, ADX, First Brick, and the White Gallery at Portland State University. They are co-editor of LOCUSTS: A Post-Queer Nation Zine, a publication that focuses on critical and insurgent queer and trans politics, poetics, and aesthetics.