by Maggie Heath.

Physical installation. June 2017 - October 2017

But woman’s allegedly definitive tendency to put the inside on the outside could provoke quite another reaction.” The Gender of Sound, Anne Carson

Colors appear connected predominantly in space. Therefor, as constellations they can be seen in any direction and at any speed. And as they remain, we can return to them repeatedly and in many ways.” Interaction of Color, Josef Albers

In, Occupations, tests I am compiling methods and remenants from various jobs and art exhibitions I have had in the past two years. Materials are left exposed. Process available. Simple discarded moments make up the sourcing of material. Tableaus put together, forced into simple structures. The colors considered—they are part of our vision. Color, how we grasp onto sight, allowed with variations of light allowed in.

Maggie Heath is a Portland artist whose work rests in considering the space a body inhabits. Heath received her BFA from Portland State University in 2015 and has been awarded an honorable mention in ISC's Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award Program, the Kamelia Massih Outstanding Student Prize in the Arts, and received a 2015 Precipice Fund from Portland Institute for Contemporary Art. Her work has been seen at various galleries throughout Portland including: Surplus Space, Timeshare Gallery, MK Gallery, AB Lobby Gallery, galleryHomeland, Autzen Gallery, 511 Commons, Blackfish Gallery, Short Space, and was part of a group exhibition at Virginia Commonwealth University. Heath is co-founder of Bronco Gallery, an alternative gallery space that is based out of a 1991 Ford Bronco.