by Marcus Fischer

7 March 2019

"Multiples" is a sound art installation created by Marcus Fischer including a multi-channel tape loop, an array of speakers containing the seed pods from an empress tree, and other elements. "Multiples" draws upon the themes of pattern, repetition, and their relationship to nature.

Marcus Fischer is a first generation American musician + interdisciplinary artist based in Portland, Oregon. His work typically centers around memory, geography + the manipulation of physical audio recording mediums. Slowly unfolding melodies and warm tape saturated drones have become a trademark of his recordings + live performances alike. These sounds have found their way into multimedia installations, short flims, and even into the award winning public radio program Radiolab. Fischer has released a number of recordings on the widely respected 12k label including his photographic + sonic collaborations with label founder Taylor Deupree. In 2017 Marcus Fischer was an artist in residence at the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation / Rauschenberg Residency where he completed "Loss", his most recent album (released September, 2017)

Fischer performs solo, in collaborations, and as a member of unrecognizable now, secret drum band and wild card.

His work will be on exhibit at The Whitney Biennial 2019 from May 17th-Sept 22nd.

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